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Titanium rice disinfection robot escorts medical staff in Wuhan

From: Chuangze Group      Edit: Chuangze      Time: 2020/9/22

A novel coronavirus infection caused by the new type of coronavirus infection in Wuhan has been affecting everyone"s heart. The infection rate has been increasing in recent months. With the development of the largest population movement in spring, a disease prevention and control related to the life and health of every Chinese people is continuing. In the crisis of the virus, white clothes retrograde, safeguard people"s life safety and health, adhere to the front line of the epidemic campaign. In this epidemic campaign, titanium robot has the courage to take responsibility, escort more medical staff with high technology, and contribute to epidemic prevention.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, titanium rice robot has carried out epidemic prevention and control work for the first time, established an emergency command team, formulated emergency use guidelines for disinfection robots in time, and quickly transported disinfection robots to many cities mainly in Wuhan, so as to ensure the normal operation of disinfection and control work at the epidemic site; meanwhile, the Shanghai headquarters of titanium rice fully guaranteed the production and supply of equipment, and provided effective measures More new intelligent equipment should be provided in time for epidemic situation, which can be applied to high-level disinfection of air surface, intelligent screening of fever clinic, timely intelligent transfer of medical waste, and physical examination of isolation ward. Medical staff escort

At present, the titanium rice disinfection robot has been continuously used for 7 * 24 hours in six hospitals of Wuhan Central Hospital, Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan Central South Hospital, as well as Shanghai Renji, lung hospital, Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Wenzhou No.1 Hospital and Wenzhou No.6 hospital, contributing to epidemic prevention and control.

According to the distribution of medical staff and patients, titanium rice disinfection robot can carry out high-level disinfection along the path and automatic multi-point terminal disinfection, which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional fixed disinfection equipment. Through a large number of experiments and clinical applications, under the high level of disinfection mode, spores on the surface of the environment (smooth surface, rough porous surface) and various multi drug-resistant bacteria can completely achieve the high-level disinfection requirements of 99.9999%. Especially in the high-risk environment, it can significantly reduce the risk of infection of medical staff and play a key role.

The intelligent degree of titanium rice disinfection robot is quite high. It can automatically identify the target to be disinfected, and carry out around the high probability carrier bacteria 360 ° no dead corner disinfection; according to the space area to calculate the disinfection time, according to the air concentration curve to determine the disinfection method and the amount of disinfectant, the whole disinfection process quantitative management; with autonomous navigation technology, not only can walk and avoid obstacles, but also can take the elevator and self charging, the whole process of intelligent operation, man-machine separation, to ensure the safety of personnel.

The working conditions of all robots can be displayed in a centralized way. The reporter saw on the large screen of Shanghai TIMI headquarters that all the desensitization information such as the name of the hospital, robot status, power, speed, mileage and other desensitization information are available. Pan Jing revealed that TIMI has reached a cooperation with China Telecom. In the future, with the support of 5g, the robot can carry out more edge calculation and reduce the offline analysis and calculation pressure of the robot body.

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