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Epidemic prevention and control robot manufacturer: Beijing Huiwen Technology Co., Ltd

From: Beijing Huiwen Technology      Edit: Chuangze      Time: 2020/9/7

eijing Huiwen technology has developed an interactive platform for service robots and a hardware platform for service robots, and has independent hardware manufacturing and production capacity for intelligent robots; it has developed online intelligent customer service (intelligent robot phone, text answering robot) for online intelligent information service demand.

After the Lantern Festival, the plague devil could not stop the pace of changing the order of the year. Returning to work and returning to work quickly warmed up, and the epidemic situation faced new challenges. Xiaoben intelligent quickly joined the anti epidemic front line, gave full play to AI science and technology, and launched a new intelligent disinfection robot, fully protecting social production and people"s life.

1、 Full containment of virus without dead corner sterilization The

intelligent dry fog robot diffuses micron level liquid beads to many public places such as hospitals, production workshops, laboratories, service halls, airports, railway stations, subway stations, food enterprises, hotels, schools and so on.

2、 Automatic operation is not rash to reduce danger and ensure safety

There is no need for manual intervention in the whole operation process. The staff only need to set the time, route, content, walking frequency and task planning of the robot through the task configuration tool before starting the robot.

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