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5g medical auxiliary robot: contact free distribution of enabling hospital

From: Chuangze Group      Edit: Chuangze      Time: 2020/9/30

Solutions and features

1. Outpatient screening robot

It is mainly used in Xinguan fever clinic. Its main functions include: self-service non-contact frontal temperature measurement, standardized preliminary screening questionnaire, suspected case reporting, intelligent voice Q & A, multimedia science popularization and education, identity binding and sign inquiry, face brushing and medical treatment.

2. Ward monitoring robot

It is mainly used in Xinguan isolation ward. Its main functions include: physical signs monitoring, face brushing and dispensing medicine, remote video ward round, autonomous navigation, and high-precision obstacle avoidance.

3. Intelligent patrol temperature measuring robot

It is mainly used in hospitals, stations, shopping malls, office halls and other places with dense flow of people. The main functions include: special epidemic prevention function, body temperature identification and overtemperature background alarm, and identification without wearing masks.

4. 5g hospital infection disinfection robot

It is mainly used in Xinguan designated hospital, release hospital and isolation observation point. Its main functions include: quantitative management of disinfection process, integration of multiple disinfection methods, intelligent operation, automatic calculation of working time according to disinfection area.

On February 20, China Telecom Sichuan company"s 5g + robot meal delivery officially took the post in Chengdu public health clinical medical center, allowing 5g + AI enabled hospitals to deliver food without contact. It took the lead in Sichuan to realize the perfect combination of 5g double Gigabit and intelligent robots, helping to combat the epidemic.

By working together, 5g + medical workers in Sichuan Province have been working together to prevent and control the epidemic, so as to prevent and control the epidemic more effectively.

5g + robot distribution application adopts cluster ad hoc network scheduling solution, which can support 100 robots to work at the same time, fully meet the needs of various scenarios, greatly reduce the workload of front-line medical staff, and solve the shortage of manpower during the epidemic.

PDF:Application demand report of artificial intelligence

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