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Contactless intelligent medical guidance robot: small doctor

From: Chuangze Group      Edit: Chuangze      Time: 2020/9/30

During the epidemic period, patients still have the demand for medical treatment, while the pressure of prevention and control and the risk of cross infection in the hospital are further upgraded, which is easy to generate panic about epidemic infection.

It provides services such as route navigation, hospital department information query, symptom triage, medical knowledge answer, basic business processing and other services, and supports touch, voice, face recognition and other interactive modes.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been applied to hospitals in Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Capital Medical University, and other well-known hospitals.

The intelligent medical guidance robot can provide friendly and intelligent navigation, consultation and other services for patients through contactless dialogue, so as to meet the patient"s inquiry needs for department location, medical treatment process, physician information and other aspects.

Through the contactless intelligent service, it can not only enhance the "sense of security" of patients, but also assist the work of guiding nurses to a great extent, reduce the work intensity of medical guidance personnel, and reduce the face-to-face and contact infection risk between patients and patients and nurses.

PDF:Application demand report of artificial intelligence

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