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 Atomizing Disinfection Robot V1 (YCZ-2020)

Disinfection Robot V1

Atomizing Disinfection Robot Features

Efficient disinfection, no dead angle disinfection

• Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, safe disinfection without residue

• Ultra - dry fog dispersion effect, more space coverage

• Seven fog outlet port, efficient atomization

• Ultra-high atomization efficiency with 160ML per minute to cover 25,000 square meters

Intelligent disinfection, accurate location

• One-button operation, more efficient and convenient

• Intelligent audio broadcast, real-time broadcast epidemic prevention knowledge

• With the advanced SLAM control system, autonomous operation in whole process

• Independently plan the disinfection path to realize disinfection in multiple locations

Application scenarios

Disinfection Robot
Disinfection Robot V6
Disinfection Robot V5
Disinfection Robot V3
Disinfection Robot V2
Disinfection Robot V1
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