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  Intelligent Disinfection Robot V6.1)

Intelligent disinfection robot V6

Intelligent Sterilization Robot Features

Diversified disinfection

• Plasma air purification and disinfection, safer sterilization and more environmentally friendly 

• UV lamp sterilizes regularly, double guarantee is more thorough

• Human and machine coexist, safer and more efficient

• Disinfection and sterilization efficiency is 1000m3/h, covering an area of 100000m²

Intelligent disinfection:

• Face temperature measurement, more efficient and convenient

• Intelligent voice broadcast, real-time publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge

• SLAM navigation system, full-process autonomous operation 

• Human-computer interaction, voice control

Application scenarios

Disinfection Robot
Disinfection Robot V6
Disinfection Robot V5
Disinfection Robot V3
Disinfection Robot V2
Disinfection Robot V1
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