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Intelligent disinfection robot V5

Intelligent Sterilization Robot Features

• Autonomous navigation: automatically follow the planned path for disinfection tasks

• Timing command: No manual intervention is required, and disinfection tasks are executed regularly

• High disinfection efficiency: The disinfection space can reach ≥1000m²/h, and the sterilization rate can reach >99.99%

• Double disinfection mode: hydrogen peroxide atomization disinfection + ultraviolet lamp disinfection

• Personal protection: equipped with human body sensing device, stop disinfection when pedestrians approach

• Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the robot's operating status

• Small atomized particles: atomized particles ≤10μm

• Comprehensive disinfection: 360° full disinfection without dead ends, the amount of fog can be controlled according to the requirements of the scene

Application scenarios

Disinfection Robot
Disinfection Robot V6
Disinfection Robot V5
Disinfection Robot V3
Disinfection Robot V2
Disinfection Robot V1
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